Let’s start our creative journey

Your creative journey does not need to be a lonely one; it could be made with lots of friends who support your every endeavors.  Your instructor is one of those.   I am not your enemy.  I am here to guide you and help you reach your goals.  You may consider your classmates to be competitors for that no. 1 class ranking but they also don’t need to be your enemies.  There is such a thing as friendly competition.  You each try your hardest to be relatively better than your classmates and in the process all of you end up developing your skills and become much better than you previously were.  But you can also be happy for the progress and development of others.   You praise them and be genuinely happy for them while continuously working on your own progress.

The start of this great relationship should start of course with all of us getting to know each other better.  So I’ll start with telling more about myself and after that you do the same.

I am also a graduate of BS in Information Technology in COMTEQ College.  When I was younger, I loved drawing cartoons and would just lose myself into it, forgetting everything around me.  But I belong to a family of intellectuals.  My attempts at art were not discouraged but I can’t say they were totally encouraged either.

It is inevitable that when I get to college, I enroll in something like Economics (which I really hate remembering **shudder**).  I rediscovered my interest in drawing when I shifted to Information Technology.  By then there’s a lot more tools to use.  I don’t even need actual paints and brush anymore!  But having not practiced the craft for years plus the fact that I wasn’t born with the creative genes made it hard for me to master it.  However, I’ve been reading and discovering some techniques which might help me in achieving this (impossible?) dream.  And so, my creative journey continues!  Hurray!  And I want to take you with me in that journey.  Another hurray!

Now it’s your turn.  Refrain from saying obvious things or things we already know about you.  Instead, try to reveal things we don’t usually expect, or share some trivia about yourself and the arts.  For example, you may share your experience of trying to draw when you were young but stopped doing it when the your pet dog ate all your drawings :-)